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Matteo Corti — Software

Some small tools I wrote (open source and freely available).


Summary of the software I wrote and/or maintain (see the different homepages for details):

Name Comment Bug tracking Contact
bashcritic critiques shell scripts GitHub
bibtag originally from Ron Rivest
daemonizer detaches a Unix process from the terminal GitHub
dprofpp_grapher graphical representation of Perl profiler data GitHub
Online PASI calculator Javascript PASI calculator
roll command line dice roller GitHub
svnauthcheck tool to delegate subversion access control
tree2files transforms the snvlook tree command output to make it similar to the output of find

Nagios Plugins

Name Bug tracking Contact  
check_connections GitHub Homepage
check_dir GitHub Homepage
check_diskio GitHub Homepage
check_lm_sensors GitHub Homepage
check_nagios_latency GitHub Homepage
check_procs_multi GitHub Homepage
check_rbl GitHub Homepage
check_ssl_cert GitHub Homepage
check_tcptraffic GitHub Homepage
check_updates GitHub Homepage
check_writable GitHub Homepage


roll: A very simple command-line based dice roller.


  • Tools to delegate the access control of a subversion repository to the users

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