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I was born in Ticino (the southern part of Switzerland where people speak Italian) in 1974. I lived there until 1993 when I moved to Zürich to study computer science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

After graduation I joined the Laboratory for Software Technology under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Gross to work in the field of compiler construction. I defended my thesis Approximating the Worst-Case Execution Time of Soft Real-Time Applications in March 2005.

After working for three month as as a compiler engineer at Freescale Semiconductor in Schlieren, Zürich, Switzerland I joined in November 2005 the Information and Communication Services of the ETH Zurich.

From May 2008 to May 2013 I was the head of the Identity/Access Management & eServices group of the Information and Communication Services of the ETH Zurich. From June 2013 to December 2021 I was the head of the ITS User Services division at ETH Zurich. From January 2022 I am the Operation Manager of the ID Application Section of the ITS at ETH Zurich.

You can find more information in my curriculum vitae (pdf) or my View Matteo Corti's profile on LinkedIn.

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Matteo Corti
Haumesserstrasse 13
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